Center for Spirituality and Health - Chaplaincy Services in Healthcare & at the Worplace
Healthcare Organizations

    Our chaplains provide spiritual care in a variety of healthcare organizations, including but not limited to the following:

      • Hospice & Palliative Care
      • Nursing Home & Assisting Living Facilities 
      • Mental Health Facilities 
      • Addiction Treatment 
      • Hospitals & Outpatient Services

    Our Board Certified Chaplains:
    • Understand the impact of illness on individuals and their caregivers        
    • Are well-experienced in healthcare organizational structure and dynamics
    • Serve as confidential, trusted spiritual counselors to all people regardless of religion or beliefs 
    • Help people to heal by drawing from that person's own source of spiritual strength 
    • Are sensitive to multi-cultural and multi-faith realities and respect patients' spiritual or religious preferences protecting them from unwanted proselytizing 
    • Provide care for family members that may experience similar or more intense distress than their hospitalized loved ones 

    We serve organizations that:
    • Seek cost efficient chaplaincy services
    • Do not have in-house chaplaincy services
    • Want to raise their patient satisfaction by meeting patient expectations for competent and compassionate spiritual care services
    • Seek to establish and maintain important relationships with religious leaders in the community
    • Want to fulfill accreditation standards and enhance their image in the community
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