Center for Spirituality and Health - Chaplaincy Services in Healthcare & at the Worplace
"Institutions that ignore the spiritual dimension of a person in their mission statement or daily provision of care increase their risk of becoming only biological where dysfunctional human parts are repaired or replaced."*

The Center for Spirituality & Health provides high-quality professional chaplaincy services in these arenas:

Healthcare                                   Workplace

Training & Consulting            Life Transitions
Spirituality demonstrates that we are not just physical bodies. Our spirituality is at the core of our humanity and our spiritual life needs to be nurtured, even if we are not religious or do not belong to a religious community: 
  • People find that their spirituality assists them to maintain health and cope with illnesses and trauma

  • Faith is key to finding significance and joy at work in the midst of frustrations and burdens   

  • Our spirituality shapes and informs our value system and our leadership effectiveness

  • Life transitions and losses lead to spiritual questions such as "Why do I exist? Why is this happening? What will be the impact of my decisions for my loved ones? What will happen after I die? "
Our Board Certified chaplains respond to these concerns in unique ways, drawing on the historic traditions of spirituality that contribute to the healing of body, mind, heart, and soul. 
Center for Spirituality & Health
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Elias D. Burgos, PhD. Executive Director
Elias D. Burgos, PhD. Executive Director
The Reverend Elias D. Burgos is a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA) and received his chaplaincy training at Porter Hospital in Denver, CO by the Association of Clinical Pastoral Education (ACPE). He is a Board Certified Chaplain & Pastoral Counselor. He received theological training at the Iliff School of Theology and did doctoral work in Social Studies at the University of Denver. He brings to the Center for Spirituality and Heath 25+ years of pastoral experience. He is fully bilingual (English-Spanish). He served for a number of years as the Director of Pastoral Care Services at Hospice of Saint John in Lakewood, CO. supervising 15+ professional chaplains and presently teaches Philosophy and Ethics at Regis University in Denver, CO.
Larry A. Grimm, DMin
Larry A. Grimm, DMin
The Rev. Dr. Larry Grimm, member of Denver Presbytery (PCUSA), served in long term care as Chaplain for Colorado Lutheran Home in Arvada, CO. He provided a wide range of spiritual care services to the staff and to residents at all stages of the end of life spectrum. He served as well as an Inpatient Chaplain at the Hospice of Saint John in Lakewood, CO. where he provided spiritual care for dying patients and their families. He fulfilled all requirements to be Board Certified as a Clinical Chaplain. As a minister he served multiple and diverse Presbyterian congregations as Pastor. Trained as an Intentional Interim Minister, he specializes in transitions, both personal and organizational. He coaches leaders using as an intellectual context Family Systems thinking via Edwin Friedman and Integral Theory of Ken Wilber. In both Chaplaincy and Coaching his skills in listening and identifying a person’s emotions and worldview enables the person to feel well understood and accepted.

*Professional Chaplaincy: Its Role and Importance in Healthcare. Larry VandeCreek, D. Min. and Laurel Burton, Th.D., editors. 2001.
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